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2003/10/24 - SimpleNet Introduces Revolutionary Hosting Platform

SAN DIEGO October 24, 2003

SimpleNet, a premier provider of Web hosting, domain management, and email services, today introduced its revolutionary new hosting platform as the latest step to, once again, exceed the standards and expectations of the industry. Whether your site is meant for personal or business use, you can now take advantage of the same security, redundancy, load-balancing, routing and monitoring systems of the large, corporate sites for as little as $4.99 per month.

"There is finally a bridge between the two ends of the hosting spectrum. Previously, you were forced into either an affordable (cheap) hosting environment with thousands of other domains, or had to shell out big bucks for a dedicated server. SimpleNet's architecture provides more power and better performance than the best dedicated server, at a price lower than the cheapest virtual hosts. Playing with, and outperforming the big boys, is finally a reality, and quite a welcome change," says John Coklos, a SimpleNet customer and President/CEO of iWeb Technology.

Firewall Technology

Our firewall system examines each network packet to determine whether it should be allowed to reach its requested destination or reported for further analysis. SimpleNet will only allow connections that are necessary toward the functionality of your site to access your web server. We stay up to speed with the latest security issues and have regularly scheduled maintenance periods to install updates with minimal impact to your site availability and performance.

Redundant Server and Load-balancing Technology

Servers answer requests from web browsers to provide information from web sites, email and databases. Load-balancers, at SimpleNet, divide the amount of work that each server has to do between multiple servers so that more work gets done in the same amount of time and, in general, all web sites requests within the network get served faster. The load balancers stay in constant contact with the servers to determine how busy they are and/or if one of them has failed. This clustering technology ensures against individual system failure.

Connectivity Technology

Your web site performance is not just a measure of your web server's speed. It is crucial that your provider have multiple connections to the Internet. At SimpleNet, we ensure that your incoming/outgoing traffic is delivered by having three upstream bandwidth providers. We optimize the request path to find the shortest route from your site back to your visitors, and maintain excess capacity for potential upstream provider downtime or high traffic occasions.File Storage Technology SimpleNet uses Network Appliance™ storage solutions with multiple auto-fail over and hot-swappable drives to ensure continuous delivery of your web content. Our drives are continuously tested for performance and reliability with each having redundant power supplies.To learn more about this revolutionary platform, please visit:

About SimpleNet

SimpleNet is a premier provider of Web site hosting, e-commerce, domain name management, and email services. Catering to both personal and corporate Internet presence needs, the company offers comprehensive hosting solutions that are scaleable to the needs of its clientele. Contact SimpleNet at 4809 Clairemont Drive, Suite 361, San Diego, CA 92117. Phone: (888) 243-3225.
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